Thursday, July 14, 2016

iT'S STreeT arT THurSDay iN eaST HoLLyWooD! with Malibu morning pic of the day - Thursday, July 13, 2016

OK, Rohrshach test time! Pencils up! Who is this person?

Artist Delta Mear One, Old Dude from Silverlake: Consciousness ... , paint on coffeehouse.

How many of you said "God?" C'mon. Show me your papers.Yeah, ... yeah ... yep. I thought so. Patriarchal consciousness dies hard, doesn't it. Ah well. Here's a guy with laser vision apparently. Sports an earring on the left. When I was a lad, I remember being told a man with an earring on the left ear was straight and on the right was gay. Who knows if that were true or not? Boys tell each other tons of stupid things.

I digg this pic. Back when I used to draw and paint a lot, I liked drawing this kind of nose--long and large. BTW: I find women with large, long noses quite attractive, probably because I don't have one. Not having a prominent bridge on my typically flat Chinese-heritage face meant that my glasses were always falling down to the tip of my nose. Adults constantly told me to push my glasses up. I learned later that looking over one's glasses is a "power" move, which is likely what was bugging them. They probably didn't like some 11-year-old twerp, giving them what they thought to be scolding look. They make better glasses now than they did in the 1970s, Thank Old Dude! (oh, I mean God). Enough old-man rambling. But if you had to wear glasses back then, you know exactly what I mean.

This mural is to be found at Sunset Junction, where Sunset Blvd. meets Santa Monica Blvd., Manzanita, and Sanborn. Do you know what it means? I sure as hell don't, But I think it's cool, so enjoy.

If you own property around there, you're probably pretty happy right now. It was all cheap, working-class-serving petite "Bush-WAH" merchants, but now it's a hip place to buy $6 coffee from a barista who'll tell you all about the climate of the 3rd-World country it came from at a discourse level worthy of a dissertation defense.  I was looking for a another mural, but this replaced it. I'll try to find the prelim pics (that image is now gone). Sic transit Gloria--she takes the Metro Rapid 704 to Westside last I heard and for the most part remembers to take Dramamine ... 


Yes, you've seen this before (well, not EXACTLY), and you'll see again I'm sure. Cloudy at the coast this morning. But, drink it in folks anyway.

See you here tomorrow!


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