Thursday, July 28, 2016

iT'S STreeTarT THurSDay iN eaST HoLLyWooD! with Malibu AM pic of the day-Thur., July 28, 2016

Dear Street Art Lovers and other dear people,

OK, we've got a mural on a building that sort of hints at the type of business establishment that is housed inside the walls on which it is painted. I will put the type of business down at the bottom of this page. Take a guess and see if you got it right...

This is a detail. It looks like we have a name "Fabian" (probably the artist) at the top against a black background. And we have this pointy headed bird like creature on the right. If you think this bird looks familiar, yes, we've seen them before down in Willowbrook on the side of the swap meet, remember?

This is quite the ornate mandala. The evenness of the detail is quite impressive don't you think? This is on a wall facing the parking lot of this business, in back of the building. Here's a larger view of the wall.

And here we have a detail of the features on the right side of this mural.

We've got yet another conical bird pointing into  a blue and gold mandala.

Colors stream out the bottoms of these avian cones, and bend and shoot about.

Here's an accompanying mural that is on the actual side the business:

We've gone into a limited blue palette. Here's a detail.

This artist must have been thinking of his or her geometry lessons when this was conceived.

And a detail of the triangles around the midriff of the bluebird on the right.

This last detail should practically give the identity away.

So what is it?
Buddhist meditation center?
Glass and screen shop?
Used book store?
Shuttered community theatre?
Antique store?
Live poultry?
Tattoo parlor?
Bike shop?
Ice cream parlor?
Custom bra shop?
Episcopal church?
Gay bar?
Gay bathhouse?
Straight bar?
Thai massage parlor?
Chilean deli?
Pizza parlor?
Beauty parlor?
Salvadoran Pentecostal church?
Ukrainian culture center?
Bowling Association HQ?
Charity for the blind?
Pot shop?
(except for one, these are all entities right there, I kid you not... )

Scroll down to the bottom to confirm.


Hope all of that bluebird business, put you in the mood for more blue, because here it is ...

Hey, I read a news story the other day about a study on the heights of men and women by country over the last 100 years and the shortest guys are from East Timor averaging 5'3". That measurement caught my eye because THAT'S ME! So, if I want to feel like a normal sized guy, I guess I need to move to East Timor.

Time to pay the rent. We'll see you tomorrow. Have a wonderful Thursday.


Answer to today's question about the murals... it's a pizza parlor!

Artist Fabian, Conical Chicken Mandala #1 and #2, paint on pizza parlor.

BTW: There is no live poultry shop right around there (corner of Melrose and Heliotrope), but there IS one over on nearby Virgil south a few blocks.

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