Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Malibu morning picture of the day - Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Dear Family, Friends, and Gentle Readers,

Happy Tuesday to you. Sometimes the clouds tell you very distinctly how the wind is blowing way above your head.

This little cloud appears to be doing a pirouette.

And the cloud bank is just standing aside to let her do it.

... well, I liked it. Sorry if you think a cloud is just a cloud.

Anyway, time to pay the rent, see you later.


PS: OK OK since you went to the trouble of coming here, I'll throw you a fact to carry with you today:

On this day in 1986, The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that states could outlaw homosexual acts between consenting adults. (But what if a guy had his girlfriend work his beads for him in time with his Donna Summer mixtape?)

Monday, June 29, 2015

Malibu morning picture of the day - Monday, June 29, 2015

Dear Family, Friends, and Gentle Readers,

It's going to be a short work-week in America (coming up on the 4th of July Holiday) and traffic was reflecting that this morning in being relatively light. So, when I got to Malibu this morning it looked like this:

Almost looks like there was a gigantic splash down from this angle. Additional views, first to the left and then to the right.

Just a lot of breezy scenes here. It was hot in L.A. over the weekend. Very humid. That kind of weather works as an off switch on me in my middle age. Hope you got something done because I sure didn't.

For those of you who don't know, the community band I play in is an LGBT organization, the Gay Freedom Band of Los Angeles. I am not represented by any one of those letters (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender), but they allow me to play with them anyway--the letters in their case indicate inclusion, not exclusion. I joined them (about 10 years ago) because I was looking for an ensemble to regularly play in and they just happened to rehearse up the street from me.

I remember telling the tenor sax player Bob who I regularly sat next to that I was concerned that I would not be welcome and he thought that was so laughable. I also wondered if I would be mistaken for a gay man, but he said "We all knew you were straight about 30 seconds after you walked in the door." They've accepted me ever since and I have enjoyed their camaraderie and musicianship ever since.

I bring them up since they are a pretty active Facebook bunch and they have been a pretty post-happy set of yahoos following a big civil rights win for their constituency with last week's Supreme Court decision in favor of marriage equality--this has been a major item on the LGBT citizens' agenda for a long time. Yay them, yay the USA.

Recently I was on jury duty and I had an opportunity to chat with one of my fellow jurors during those long periods of waiting in hallways that civic duty seems to enable. He was a man who was a professional pop and blues music composer and arranger. The topic of sex came up, as it frequently does when men chat casually, and he told me about a news story where a highly placed man in conservative politics was exposed as being a member of a clandestine sex ring where married men would book blocks of rooms in fine hotels and have multiparty orgies. He remarked how disgusting that was, but I certainly noted the intensity of interest and the attention to detail he had while relating that story.

He went on (predictably in my experience), to say that while man-on-man sex was wrong, he was perfectly fine in watching two or more women get it on. I guess that admission gave him pseudo-progressive points in his own mind. I must give him some points on consistency there. He made sounds like he was a Christian, and the Bible is silent on lesbian sex--so it's a virtual green-light in many schools of interpretation. Thank God masculinism seems to work in women's favor someplace.

I told him it was probably a good thing then that we were moving toward a society where homosexuals would feel free and open to just live, date, and marry like anyone else. That it would create a lot more honesty in general. That guys like these guys in the orgies, would not have to pretend they're straight and lie and cheat on the women they really don't want to be with. And being a gay man would lose this "bad boy" cachet and just become kind of banal. Unfortunately the hotels would lose the orgy trade, but sacrifices must be made.

I just wonder what kind of deviances, fetishes, and deceptions would ensue if we forced heterosexual males into the closet in the same way that we do homosexual males (... OK, OK, I mean BEYOND  what there is already, there's plenty but I think there'd be more ...). I mean, the male sex drive is so compelling it is amazing the sacrifices that guys go through to satisfy it. The main sacrifice is the thing that is subject of last week's news, marriage itself. The bargain that men make is this: You get to have sex and lots of it, but it has to be with ONE person (that's the essence of marriage). Because guys make that bargain, it allows civilizations to be built. If and when we produce a generation of males without a sex drive, everything will crumble.

What of the female sex drive? Beats me. I know nothing of it other than what females are willing to tell me and what I observe. So I can't be an expert. But I strongly suspect it was a female who concocted the marriage bargain, she told all her friends about it  and it just caught on. And because of that very first girl who decided she wanted to get an exclusive on that one guy who was so nice to her, we've got great stuff like mortgages, 2-week vacations, 40-hour workweeks, Apple computers, atom bombs, psychotherapy, constitutions, PhD's, and social security.

Well, I'm happy to see us move toward being a more libertarian culture, where rational lifestyle choices can be made without fear of civil (if not religious) reprisals. It's a nice step to be seen taken as we head into Independence Day, where we remind ourselves that we are a country founded on rational principles of liberty, not culture, ethnicity, religion, or tradition.

Have a great, short work-week, and be free.


Saturday, June 27, 2015

Three Loves Seven, Chapter 25, Part 4 - "Summer of Love ... for Pinnipeds"

Dear Gentle Readers,

I decided that last passage was really short and I really want to move this along, so here's the next installment. Same scene, same conversation, but the topic shifts.

And then you get a short recollection from Faye's point of view.

When we next get together, it will be evening and time to remember the dead.

But until then, this installment is about life, as you will observe

... as the story continues ...

With my mention of the seals, I noticed we were totally surrounded by the creatures on the beach. They had amassed thickly and silently. Their eyes all seemed to be glued on me.

     “Speaking of staring,” I said “I feel like I am being watched.”
     “They’re suspicious.”
     “Of what?”
     “Of you, silly.”
     “Mating pairs should be a little more ‘cuddly’ than we are acting. Let’s lie down and entwine for awhile and satisfy them. They’ll leave us alone after that.”
     “Is that really necessary? You said your daughter is probably watching us. I don’t want to give her wrong ideas.”
     “If you don’t want to get gnawed to death, comply. I don’t want to have to explain that to your sponsoring charity.”
     “NOW you activate your moral compass and worry about hurting me?”
     “Who said anything about you? It’s my inconvenience I’m worried about.”
     “You’re a piece of work, lady, you know that?”
     “Don’t worry. I won’t scandalize you in front of Fei. We won’t do anything obscene. Follow my lead. We’re just going to thrash together, like they do.”
     “Entwined and thrashing. And how is that NOT scandalous? Oh God, I’m going to have such a bad case of sunburn. Just don’t squeeze anything.”

And so we went down.  She wrapped herself around me and then nudged me to roll. And so roll we did—back and forth and forth and back. And then we came to halt. And then she started to rub her face against mine and then against my chest. I was getting turned on by her animal-like nuzzlings. She rubbed her face against mine again. I rubbed back. Instinctively I started to the salt off of her cheek and lips. My hands started to move, but they only knew how to move for Rico. I realized this as Qi’s hand took mine and positioned it on a particular spot, a spot that Rico did not like to be touched. So I stopped myself. I could tell she sensed the libido auto-pilot had stopped working and my conscious will had taken over because she stopped too.

Then she started to move vigorously against me. I assumed it was some kind of self-gratification action, but she was crying against my chest.  I felt like a real cad.

     “Qi. Look.”
     “I am angry at so many things. And I put a lot of it onto you. It’s not fair is it?”
     “I stopped asking the world to be fair a long time ago. I don’t believe in it anymore.”
     “It’s too late for people like us. Isn’t it?”
     “For a lot of things … yeah.”

When I think back on that brief conversation and those last responses, I thank the God of Happenstance for sometimes granting me the gift of the vague, open-ended-but-hollow response that sounds like you have empathy, but you really don’t. I had no idea what the hell Qi was regretting at that point. Goodness knows what kind of regrets were whirling in that whacked-out brain of hers. In these situations it’s best just to sit back, say as little as possible, and go with the flow, especially when you’re with someone who’s proven to go ballistic without warning. As we lay there, still attempting to placate the seals, I decided it was OK to stroke her head, and then after that, to slowly draw circles with my finger on her back. Unfortunately my aging body surprised me for the other ideas it was getting into its “little head.” 

     “Qi? I’m sorry. I’m really … stimulated … but …”
     “You’re saying that like I should be surprised.”
     “I beg your pardon?”
     “Never mind. I’m very wet too. I’ll be careful. You’re holding yourself for her. I know. We’ve already gone over this. I’m quite jealous.”
     “Don’t be. There’s a lot of sand on us. It would hurt. If not now, then later.”
     “That can be avoided by a few, patient, very helpful minutes of preparation, but that sounds like the voice of experience.”
     “Yeah, and I’m talkin’ back when I was an age when a boy would heal quickly. She had a great fondness, an affinity really, for the sea. She loved the water. She loved being loved in the water. Saltwater was in her blood—her family was probably coastal or seafarers for generations. I don’t know why I’m telling you this. It goes against all the commandments against killing a lady-boner to talk about an ex.”
     “Well, you ARE TRYING to shut us down. You know, that woman will NEVER come back if she’s been gone this long. But I admit she’s not an ex yet. She’s still here—as present as if she were sitting here right between us. And I’M the ‘other woman’ and if I’m going to make you give her up, I need to let you talk her out of your system. Until you’re bored of her. I’m bored of her and I just ‘met’ her.”
     “You know what? You just might succeed.”

Our anti-pillow talk interrupted by being shoved by a pair of seals next to us. There was a howl and barking and then a rank odor blew by that nearly made me gag up what little lunch I had had. 

     “FUCK. What is that horrible smell?”
     “Somebody ELSE is having a nicer time than we are. The scent of arousal. That’s all.”

We sat up and looked around. We were no longer the center of any animal’s attention.

     “Jesus Fucking Christ! It’s a goddamned, mother-fuckin’, SEAL-FUCKIN’ ORGY!”

There were no Beta males fighting Alphas for females in this group like all the National Geographic films show you is properly done in seal courtship. They just all paired off and were fuckin’ like rabbits … if rabbits indeed fuck that way. “Lovin’ the one you’re with” as it were.

     “This is not natural,” said Qi. “What is happening here? So much animal passion in one place. Oh, I need to go break up that one couple over there before they get too far along. Excuse me.

And like any seasoned animal wrangler, with just her little hands and feet, yells, whistles, and kicks, she manipulated a pair of copulating beasts much bigger and heavier than herself with ease and confidence, moving them off to other more appropriate partners.

     “When you are the custodian of the seals, you have the play matchmaker sometimes,” said Qi.
     “She’s all wrong for him, eh? Not a girl he should bring home to mother?”
     “Oh, that's SO funny, considering. I'll just say their bloodlines are too close. Might work for some of our chickens, ducks, and geese in a monitored system. By the way, Feng is quite the geneticist. She's created a master race of jungle fowl if you haven't noticed. That's why our chicken tastes so good. But these fellows? No. A little too closely related in my book. I don’t think they want to raise stupid babies just to be dinner for sharks and orcas.”
     “Isn’t that a standard career choice for seals? I understand this is an orca hunting territory.”
     “It’s the default job. They can do better. I wonder what’s making them all act like this? So indiscriminate.”

     “Maybe this is speed dating site for older females? And they all decided to settle instead of waiting for Mr. Alpha. I’m thinking it’s your Earth-Mother Qi nuclear-grade pheromones getting to them like they’re getting to me. It’s the fuckin’ Summer of Love for pinnipeds. You should feel like Jimi Hendrix. Good time to sneak away before they all hit climax. That’ll probably really stink,” I said rising and helping Qi up. "Thanks for the lift kids!" I yelled out at the seals.
     “What would say if I told you that you were riding on the back of an orca for a while? And a shark, and a dolphin?”
     “Yeah, right. I been to the ocean rodeo they call Sea World and this ain’t it. They got souvenir stands, piped-in Enya music, and clean bathrooms with sit-down toilets, which I have forgotten how to use mind you.”
     “Then what were you holding on to? There at the beginning? Look at my seals. They don’t have handles.”
     “Hell if I know then. But I would have noticed if I was on the back of a whale. Why would a whale allow such a thing? The smart ones avoid humans. We kill more than they do. And we kill for fun.”
     “So do they. That's why we call them 'Killers.' What If I told you, she allowed you on her back because … you are … her king, her Mr. Alpha?”
     “Yeah, yeah, yeah. Then I’d tell you she needs to schedule these things with my executive assistant out here in the field office, Scarlet the Centipede. That way I can dress appropriately. Where are your lice by the way? You give them the day off?”
     “I DID actually! They don’t like the saltwater so they stay home on Rookery visiting days.”
     “Oh right! And yeah, and today’s a holiday, so make sure you bake ’em a cake willya?”
     “Oooo, there are going to be a LOT of pups this season! Oh, what a surprise, SHE got HIM! Hope it lasts. What fun!”
     “I’m glad you’re enjoying this. If I had my camera phone to capture this, it would go viral in 60 seconds and you guys would all be forced to live in some privacy enclave like Malibu.”

For a few minutes there I thought the rational, grown-up woman, wounded-by-real-life Qi had finally shown up with whom I could have mature conversations, but then the delusional, religious fanatic, Dr. Doolittle-inspired, fairytale Qi returned. And so it always turned out the same. That woman is a walking porno mag to me. I needed a “milking” session bad. To think I would be suffering from blue-balls at an age when all my peers are putting their hopes in blue pills.

* * * * * *

Personal Journal Entry collected from the Second Chilin Guardian Princess of the East
Day of the Festival of Souls Lost at Sea
Dragon, Month 7, Day 8, Xingqi 5

I was wondering what Mother wanted with Dr. Wong out on The Rookery. I took a vantage point on the beach just to observe at a distance. Of course they tried to chase him away, the seals, I expected that. But then they let him in. They would not even admit Ting Ting or Lum, both of whom look very much like Mother. It was very strange. He sat there with Mother for the longest time. I imagine she was telling him about members of the Seal Guardians—pointing out the oldest and strongest, their cliques, family groupings, and working regiments.

Then mother took him up to the Platform and in another unexpected move, he dove into the sea. I expected Mother to follow him, but she just sat there, watching. I decided to climb up and find out what she was planning to do.

     “Mother!” She merely nodded to me, acknowledging that I was there. “That was a perfect dive. How did you convince him to go? Ba and Yi told me he’s deathly afraid of deep water.”
     “I didn’t convince him. I just … pushed him … off ….”
     “You didn’t! He might have a heart attack or panic or …”
     “How can such a clumsy, awkward, phobic man be so resilient?”
     “What’s happening out there Mother?”
     “It’s hard to say. But it is not what I expected.”
     “What did you expect?”
     “That the Sharks would attack and the Seals would defend.”
     “That’s not happening?”
     “It’s much bigger and more complicated. Look there. See him? He’s there. Riding on the back of a Great White in a group of Great Whites. Dolphins are in close pursuit, and the Greats are about to be flanked on the right. The dolphins will not be outdone.”
     “That doesn’t make sense. Since when do Great Whites work collaboratively?”
     “I am beginning to understand what occurred at his ordeal.”
     “So you DID put him through a Sea Ordeal! Why?”
     “The same reason you Second Princesses are running your tests? No need to hide it from me. It’s very obvious some of you are very curious about him.” She sighed and returned her gaze to the sea. “It appears as though the four Guardian Clans are vying for his favor.”
     “There are four clans of seals? I didn’t know that.”
     “No. I am talking about the other marine guardians of this Island.”
     “We only control the seals. There are also the Sharks, the Dolphins, and the Killers.”
     “THEY are guardians? Who controls them?”
     “The Sea Witch.”
     “What does it mean?”
     “It means he is not what he thinks he is. He is so dense. I don’t think he’s even aware he’s being transferred from one group to another. He’s probably petrified with fear.”
     “What is he?”

Mother started talking to herself.

     “Why did you come now? Why now when I’ve already given away my hope? And I gave away yours. There WAS a reason. There’s no point now.” Mother took me in her arms and held me tightly. “I’m sorry darling,” she said stroking my hair. She prayed out loud. “Great Ten, please let her see what she needs to see.”
      “Mother? What’s wrong? You’re not making any sense. I don’t understand.”
      “Get to like him dear. Your life may depend on him. Agh. I haven’t spoken to that god in years. I need to get to The Shrine. The only thing to do is play it out. That’s all I can say. The gods are so cruel. Right now, I need to get alongside him. He will have questions.” She was not listening to me. She was talking past me. She gave a whistle and flung herself off the cliff into the water below. I almost went after her. But I knew our “dogs” would take care of her—take her to him—where she wanted to be.  I could only watch.

Dr. Wong was right in what he had said earlier that day. My world would change as my mother changed because I had made her the center of my life. I was not having to wait years. She was changing before my very eyes.

© Copyright 2012 by Vincent Way, all rights reserved.

Three Loves Seven, Chapter 25, Part 3 - "It's ALWAYS the 3rd Kid Who's the Problem ..."

Dear Gentle Readers,

In our last episode, Clete returns to the beach, to The Rookery specifically, and spends some time with the Dog Island "Coast Guard" who are enjoying a little R&R. For whatever reason, Qi is their commanding officer (oh, that's right, she's the Chilin Guardian of theWest--I suppose seals do have fur? Don't they? If not, she commands their fealty).

She takes him up a cliff and pushes him off. There is no malice this time in her forcing him to take a swim. She does this platform dive herself all the time. Her view of him has changed over the time that the have spent together. Old thoughts that she gave up on a long time ago, before adopting the religious life, have come back to her, and she is not happy about that.

It's obvious to her that Clete is not a man who can keep up, and she's simply putting that matter to rest (... so that she can go back to sleeping uneasily? She continues to have good night's rest even without him next to her ...).

And in this episode, yes, you find out what "Third Branch" means

as the story continues ...

(we are in Clete's journal point of view, in case you forgot

I kept my hands together and entered the water without a three-storey belly flop, thank GOD! The impetus probably took me down a good 20 feet or more. I landed softly enough on the back of something very large. It was like it had been waiting for me to show up. I instinctively put my fingers around some fin or flipper, and when it felt my fingers curl on it, it was like sliding into 5th gear at 6000 RPM, and off we went up for a breath and then for an up-and-down, in-and-out ride at the surface of the ocean. The thing I was riding tired out but passed me over to something else. I want to say it was like water skiing without the skis or the boat. 

It took me a while to calm the hell down and figure this out, but I think this was Qi’s odd way of trying to take me out for a drive in the country. I was passed around by her creatures a various speeds, was taken far out to sea, run back close to shore, taken on deep momentary dives and brought back to the surface. It was exhilarating. 

Finally, Qi showed up alongside me, riding on the backs of a group of her seals. I realized I was riding on a crowd of seals as well. Our rides converged so that we could clasp hands, and then they eventually deposited us on the beach.

     “You wouldn’t believe how long it took me to teach them that,” said Qi.
     “Lady,” I said panting, “that’s one helluva pony ride. There’s nothing to be said after that. HOOOOO-wheee.” 

I had to lay there in the sun and dry out while my heart rate decreased. She just sat there beside me, raking her fingers through my hair while I caught my breath.  I don’t know why I was tired—I wasn’t doing any of the swimming. I eventually sat up and faced her.

     “Time for you to tell me something about yourself,” I said. “Explain what it means to be ‘Third Branch.’”
     “Ah that. My great-grandmother Nu, after whom Mu’s daughter is named, had three daughters. They were identical triplets. Her first and only pregnancy, in her mid thirties. Nobody could tell them apart but her. She was also called the Tiny Empress of the Numinous Moon. She even named her daughters in the old tradition, One, Two, and Three. She had their names tattooed on their ankles as soon as it was safe to do so—that way everyone else could keep track of them too. My grandmother was Three—she really didn’t need a tattoo. She had a birthmark that became red, crimson actually, over time. One’s descendants are called First Branch; Two’s Second Branch; my grandmother’s Third Branch. That’s all.”
     “OK, that makes sense. Seems like there is more to it than that. Lee uses that term in, how shall we say, judgmental ways …”

Qi smiled at that. 

     “How diplomatic of you. Lee can be quite rude to us. As well as the others. They say terrible things about us behind our ... often bare ... backs. But we don’t care. Ting Ting, Lum, and myself, and our daughters Jie, Xiao Mei, and Fei, comprise the Third Branch. What have you noticed about us? This is a test …”
     “Well, you’re all rather small, light, and mercurial. You all seem to have a high-flying spiritual attitude to match. And while everyone here is connected to the land, you three seem to be more so than …”
     “I think you’re avoiding something obvious and you don’t want to say it.”
     “OK why are you all a buncha goddamned nudists who want to take off your clothes—AND MINE I might add—at the drop of a hat?”
     “Thank you. Grandmother Three never liked wearing clothes. And her daughters have always felt the same way. She trained us that way--but she really didn't have to, it's just a natural thing for us. Grandmother told us that her sisters One and Two were both extremely modest and prudish and never liked showing any part of their bodies, preferring to wear their Manchurian-heritage outfits. Can you believe they still used that form of dress even that late? Grandmother thought they looked like they were in clown suits and would have none of it. 
     "She liked her body just as it was and would walk around the Island totally bare unless her parents ordered her to cover up. And she would, until she got out of their sight. She would say ‘It’s hot here and that clothes are unnecessary except for doing work with rough surfaces or sharp edges, and even then if you are uncovered, the threat of harm makes you more careful and skillful.’ She said it was even improper to cover up in such a place as this. I believe it was her thinking that eventually moved the rest of the royal family to move the more appropriate tropical wear that they use now. More like Southeast Asian attire.
     “She said One and Two would get so mad at her because they looked exactly alike—and by exposing herself they were thus also exposed. But when you are a Princess, almost nobody can tell you ‘no’—so Three’s skin was eventually understood to be her ‘clothes.’ And so we in the Third Branch have something of an unwarranted reputation for wanton disregard and rebellion. But our attitude to body covering does not mean we are promiscuous, undisciplined, or unguarded in the rest of our lives, as I am sure you now know. We can get a little cuddly, though. I think we just like feeling things all over.”
     “Have you ever considered that the reason you are cuddly is THAT YOU DON’T WEAR ENOUGH CLOTHES? That maybe you’re cold?”
     “You live in a very simplistic world, Clete. This is a hot climate. We were not alone in Dog Island Society in our practice of nudity. It’s not uncommon elsewhere in the tropics. I hear the Indian people of Central America and northern South America are just like us, and many tribes in tropical Africa. If it were possible, I think I would like to visit those places. Choosing a lifestyle without clothes was also quite widespread in the Outside here I understand until their Great Shift.”
     “Great Shift?”
     “Their religious reawakening. When worship of the 10th god became ascendant. You’ll have to ask the Sea Witch more about that. We pray and offer and burn at that altar, but each one of us are responsible for our own god. There was a time when the Outside had the less prudish culture. They are so stodgy now. They were quite licentious in fact—the headquarters of an international pirate network—quite lawless too. But I digress. Clete, you’ve been sweating buckets from day one. If anyone would be tearing off their clothes if given an excuse I’d think it’d be you. You’re not sweating right now are you?”
     “No, I’m not, but I just came out of the ocean.”
     “And you continue to cover yourself chin to toe. So ironic. I DID try to retrain you when you were under my authority. I’m sure that Ting Ting and Lum are also trying to get you undressed because they see you are uncomfortable and are feeling sorry for your suffering. We’re being kind. Try to appreciate it.
     “I think it’s ironic,” I said, “that Lum is the one who makes everyone’s clothes. Pardon me for mentioning it, but is that a tattoo on your right buttock?”
     “Does it look like a rising red phoenix?”
     “It does actually.”
     “It’s the Third Branch birthmark I mentioned earlier. All of Three’s girl kin have it in the same general area.”
     “I’ll have to pay more attention.”
     “Look, but don’t stare.”
     “I wouldn’t dream of it.”
     “Any other questions of me?”
     “You’ve never trained your seals to cut fishermen’s nets have you?”
     “Why would I ever do something like that?”
     “I can think of a lot of reasons.”

© Copyright 2012 by Vincent Way, all rights reserved.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Malibu morning picture of the day - Friday, June 26, 2015

Dear Family, Friends, and Gentle Readers,

TGIF. What's it look like where you are? Here we are the corner of "Beach & Canyon"...

No double-entendres intended here, but did you get your golden shower this morning? Sure looks like we're having them here.

But just a turn to right and we've got the veil on us.

A third look gives us a peek at a little blue, so we know it's coming.

Got to run into a meeting, so I hope you all have a great weekend.


Thursday, June 25, 2015

iT'S STreeT arT THurSDay! with Malibu morning picture - Thursday, June 25, 2015

Dear Street Art Lovers, Family, Friends, and Gentle Readers,

OK, got a weird one for you today...

Artists: unattributed but suspected to be LoK and LTSM, Green Girl of Oaxaca, paint on brick.

My first impulse when doing fast drive-by viewings on this mural at Wilton and Melrose was to think, "Oh, Frida Kahlo rendered as a green-skinned Martian. How charming."

But when you get out of your car and study the work, nah, I don't think so. Or if it is supposed to be Kahlo, the artist didn't do a very good job.

I think it's probably just a young Oaxacan Indian woman, or a Latina with some black African heritage judging from the treatment of the hair. I say Oaxacan only because the business that this adorns is Oaxacan, and so it's a guess by association.

It's a little hard to tell, but the model's blouse is rendered in silver paint.

There is no signature on this work, but I'm pretty sure it belongs to the same artist who rendered this work that I posted several months ago.

This same meandering kind of Mayan decorative motif is the backdrop, but the difference is that this character portrayal has been superimposed.

The artist gives the woman this blue and white halo reminiscent of the purple haze of the stylized landscape above.

When you drive west on Melrose, this green woman always catches your eye, probably because she is GREEN, a true person of color.


Got here earlier than usual today, so we caught some purple in the morning clouds. If you look to the southeast, it's more orange-ey.

I think these two pics together make a nice contrast of cool vs. warm.

Hope you're having a good week. Sorry, there was no Malibu picture yesterday since I was not in Malibu. Was working from home and then had to attend a formal dinner held in praise of a successful, famous man in L.A.

That's it for today.


PS: Here's a context shot for you.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Korean Jesus and Malibu morning picture of the day - Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Dear Friends, Family, and Gentle Readers,

Happy Tuesday to you. Here's the view this morning.

The Tuesday sky has eyelashes it seems.

And the view over land across the bay--some light haze there.

I mentioned last week that the band I play in had a concert on Sunday? It went well. It was on the campus of L.A. Trade Tech college. My Dadd, who was a refrigeration mechanic by trade, was alumnus of one of the many vocational schools the eventually were conglomerated over the years to form the present school.

We played out on the quad in the afternoon, but while we were performing my eye kept going to a patch of blue that was peeking between the buildings. Afterward I walked around the block and found this.

Artist: unattributed, Korean Jesus, paint on warehouse.

When you record artwork in any genre in Western Civilization, you will eventually and inevitably run into this fellow, who I hope needs no introduction. If you have no idea who this is, I know several million people who want to talk to you, like RIGHT NOW.

The part of this mural that I was seeing was way over on the left. Trade Tech is in an industrial part of town. There are all kinds of manufacturing businesses and warehouses around there, Washington and Fig/Flower/Olive. This massive mural covers the entire side of a two-storey warehouse that has been converted into a Korean Church. I know you can see the signage for this church from the 10, but I don't recall being able to see Jesus from the 10.

This image is flanked by a Bible verse, English on the left, Korean on the right.

I call this Korean Jesus not because the subject is painted as a Korean man, but because of the context of its origin. Remember this picture. It falls into a standard of beauty, strong emotionalism, and color-popping grandiosity that I find occurs a lot in the popular art of East Asia. I'll collect some and show you over time and you'll gain a sensibility about it. Those of you who look at photo collections that take a mocking view of Japanese advertisements see some of that in its extreme form, but I think there's something else going on. More to come.

As we look at this Jesus, I'll just say its refreshing to see a version of the Christ that gives him a receding hairline. This Jesus is sort of a Liam Neeson kind of guy, at least I think so. The image is somewhat flattened and wide, but I'm going to guess that the artist is probably compensating for the fact that most viewers will be going by in cars, so the perception of the Lord of Love will be much slimmer than the stout, stocky, thick-necked carpenter-kind-of-guy we see here.

By the way, if you want to see Jesus as if he were a real Korean man, check this out.

Artist: Woonbo Kim Ki-Chang, Jesus Walking on Water, watercolor.

To read a good blog on this artist go to ChurchPOP and do check out all the pictures there. Pretty durn cool.

I'm stealing a few more to post here, just because you never know how long some blog will stay up. I like these because the have representations of younger and older females, children, an angel, and men of different social ranking. You will recognize the standard scenes from the Life of Christ, which need no intro.

I've never been to Korea, but it must be FREEZING cold there; everybody sure wears a LOT of clothing.

That's all for today.


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The Annunciation

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Nativity Scene

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Feeding the Multitudes

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Jesus Before Pilate