Thursday, June 30, 2016

iT'S STreeT arT THurSDay iN eaST HoLLyWooD! with Malibu afternoon picture of the day - Thursday, June 30, 2016

Dear Street Art Lovers and assorted friends,

It's the last day of June, and so begins the downward slide toward December 31. Don't want you to panic, but if you have plans for 2016, half is gone ...

Since Monday is 4th of July, I was wondering if anything was patriotic among the collection. This one has the American flag and Liberty, so it'll do.

Today we have an ancient East Holly mural that was recently refreshed by mural artist Artoon Art. Look him up on Facebook and see what else he's done. He's the artist who has executed those exquisitely political murals on the Armenian Genocide that I have shared in the last two years. He has added his touches to it, but it's also a political statement.

Original artist unattributed, recent collaborator Artoon Art, Liberty Pieta, paint on brick wall.

Lady Liberty playing the part of the Blessed Virgin in the classic pieta pose.

On the left side of the mural we have this homage to Van Gogh. An ancient temple sits at the foot of the mountain.

And on the right side, an apostolic church building and flags.

And here is the whole thing ... the artist has given us a lot of flat planar space. Very different from other street art which tends to want to fill up all gaps with busy-ness. You look at this mural and feel like you can breathe. Hope you dig this as much as I do.


Remnants of haze can be seen, but this was shot at about noon (got in late today - car repairs and all ...). What a difference 5 hours makes.

That's it for today folks. Got in late and so I'm playing catch-up. But, better late than never. There's all of you who come and see things after the Thursday posting, so Hello to you!


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