Thursday, June 16, 2016

iT'S STreeTarT THurSDay iN eaST HoLLyWooD! with Malibu morning pic of the day - Thursday, June 16, 2016

Dear Street Art Lovers and other friends,

We've got a sideways glance off of Melrose Avenue this morning:

Artist, various, Melrose Group Show, paint on old retail building.

You normally cannot see this fellow most of the year. The tree that is reaching up between his eyes has very broad leaves (dropped in winter), but I caught this when it was bare and visible. This mural has seen better days--it's peeling off--but you still get the sense of its impact.

This is on the side of a building where there are a mashup of other images as well, all from different hands over time I'm sure.

Just below him is a painted riot door covering a newsstand, with some identity art.

To the left of the riot door is a patterned window treatment along with some meta-art indicating the painter putting up a tag.

Capping off the end of the building at the far left is this face that trails off into a vapor.

Just to the right of the first big face is a kid leaping up holding a star.

The slogan says here "WE ARE CONNECTED" which is an admirable thought for humanity, but these images are anything but.

But here they all are getting my attention. and that's good enough.


This is not early morning today, so there may have been cloud cover, but I doubt it. The weekend heating and clearing is starting up I think. But here we have a blue-on-blue day.

Things are running late and I've gotta go. Hope you have a wonderful Thursday.


PS: the context shot for above.

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