Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Tumon Bldg Street Art and Malibu morning pic of the day - Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Dear Family, Friends, and Gentle Readers,

I recently spent 6 days on the island of Guam, roaming around their urban area with a camera like any tourist. I wondered if I'd see any street art, or if this was the kind of place that suppressed that kind of thing. I did find a few things, but they all apparently were commissioned.

Artist PLUSH1 (?) DIVA, Pacific Clan, paint on office building.

This is 3-panel set that is on a small commercial building; the first floor business is an entity called CROWNS and you will find that corporate name on this panel and the next.

Artist OPAKE, Crowns Name Art, paint on cinder block.

This treatment of the company name Crowns (apparently having something to do with clothing) is on the brick wall facing the parking lot. And finally, a continuation of the sky blue of the top panel over from the side of the building (top) to the front.

These artists are definitely inspired by the American street art aesthetic, but Diva's work definitely has the tourist postcard color palette (limited of course) going on here.

Here's the context shot. It's a boxy modernist expression of standard domestic American commercial architecture. This is sitting on the same street as all of the fancy resort hotels and designer malls catering to all of the Japanese and Korean couples and young families on shopping vacations.

As you walk or drive around, your eyes are drawn to the newer fancier structures, but if you pay attention, it's mostly this kind of structure, and this one is in better repair than most.

So, this is your introduction, by way of the "Out of Bounds Gallery" to Guamanian street art. There are a couple other murals I found which I will share on future Tuesdays.


Meanwhile, here on the other side of the Pacific Ocean, in a place with more Filipinos by quantity if not by percentage, it continues in the high heat of a hot summer which has arrived ahead of schedule.

Gotta pay the rent kids. See you around!


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