Friday, June 24, 2016

Malibu morning picture of the day - Friday, June 24, 2016

Dear Family, Friends, and Gentle Readers,

It's low clouds today at the coast this morning.

I'm showing you this one because but for the little white slash in the lower middle, there is no indication in any of this morning pictures that there is an ocean, let alone a horizon out there.

I let drop earlier this week that I'm working on another book, one about angels. I decided to have a short visit with an acquaintance of mine, who will wind up in the book one way or another. Folks, meet the Cosmic Barmaid.

CB: Hi there! This is exciting. Nobody's written about me, or to me for that matter, in a looooooong time!"

POPS: So tell us where you work.

CB: I'm the bar hostess at Ye Olde Windy Crag Taverne.

POPS: Where is said tavern?

CB: It's right at the bottom of the mountain pass road on Perdition Road. Can't miss it. There's nothing around for like miles. Last place you can get a cold one before you descend into Hell.

POPS: Literally or figuratively?

CB: Silly! Both!

POPS: You get angels in there?

CB: Angels, demons, lost souls, foundlings, changelings, fair folk. We get them all.

POPS: How about gods, kami, demigods?

CB: All the same to me. Those differences are totally on their business cards.

POPS: Demigods have business cards?

CB: You've never asked them for one?

POPS: I just come in and talk with whoever's at the bar with me. What can you tell us about angels?

CB: Loners mostly. Keep to themselves. SOOOO serious. If they don't have briefcases handcuffed to their wrists, they should. And it's like they don't even see each other unless their on a paired assignment.

POP: Odd. I'da guess they were happy gregarious people. How about demons?

CB: Oh Gawd, totally totally  different personality. You know. You're a regular. Loud, sexy, friendly, ready to talk, always handy with some kind of offer for anybody.

POPS: Why do you think that is?

CB: They're always in "sales" mode.

POPS: Oh sorry, I meant about the angels. We read that they sing in groups. And that it's awesome when they do.

CB: Me personally? Never heard it. Hard to imagine them cutting loose. I've heard the stories too.

POPS: Choirs who sing in structured harmonies never cut loose.

CB: That's right? That'd be counter-intuitive wouldn't it? Great customers though. They always pay. Never ask for tabs. Lousy tippers.

POPS: Can you recommend one to talk to?

CB: About what?

POPS: I dunno. His work?

CB: You gotta watch using those gendered pronouns with angels. They really don't apply. But if it helps you, go for it.

POPS: For now I'll use he.

CB: Most writers do. But don't let that make you think that I take it for granted that you're an idiot.

POPS: Now wait a minute...

CB: [giggle] They don't talk. They come to you. Pay YOU a visit when they want something. But you might try this one guy coming in lately. Name's Michael. I think M has a missing person case they're on, so they're willing to be more chatty than any I've ever seen. You probably need to pretend you've got some info they want though...

POPS: Lie to an angel? Isn't that dangerous?

CB: Maybe. But ... I wanna see you try. I think it'll be hilarious. Hey! Aren't you supposed to be interviewing ME? So everybody can learn about MOIS?

POPS: Uh ... OK. So, uh. How did you get this gig?

CB: When the owner interviewed me, he liked that I had a double major in comparative religion and world literature. Oh, and MY vodka tonic was perfect too he said.

POPS: Well wouldja look at the time? I gotta get to work. 

CB: Jerk. Bye Pops. On the tab, as usual, right? All of you out there! Drop by. First one's on the house.

POPS: What she's not telling you is the last one will cost you your soul and so you're compelled to keep coming back, so be careful out there!

CB: Shhhh.

Have a great weekend kids. Stay tuned to me and you'll learn about angels; I guarantee it.


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