Thursday, August 18, 2016

iT'S STreeTarT THurSDay iN MaLiBu! - Thursday, August 18, 2016

Dear Street Art Lovers,

Artist unattributed, Malibu Action Figures, paint on back walls of shopping mall.
After more than two decades, I am no longer part of the daytime working population of Malibu and find myself now ensconced in the lovely West Valley community of Calabasas, which, if you recall your schoolbook Spanish, means "squashes" or "pumpkins." There is nary a squash nor pumpkin to be seen save a visit to the local Albertson's grocery store. So, your intrepid blogger will eventually find out for you ...

In the meantime, you may have wondered why I never shared any Malibu street art on this blog. Well, there ain't any ... I guess in a neighborhood where no house is priced below 7 figures, such a thing never occurs to anyone, and if it ever showed up, the paint crew would be called immediately.

There is public art in Malibu. The nearby shopping area has a statue of a humanoid hammer. And, as you drive along PCH and cross the bridge over Malibu Creek as it flows into the lagoon, you will see these backwall murals probably put there by the local sporting goods store:

They are definitely eye catching and they speak to the active, athletic life that is had around Surfrider Beach.

Flipping the usual Thursday order, Malibu is on top and here's a view out the office window of my new location, looking toward the hills between us and Malibu:

Across the street is a shopping center with very minimal services and what's there is expensive. Kinda like Malibu.  The white lines in the sky are reflections of our indoor overhead light fixtures.

OK kids, gotta pay the rent. See you next week.


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