Thursday, August 25, 2016

iT'S STreeT arT THurSDay iN eaST HoLLyWooD! - Thursday, August 25, 2016

Dear Street Art Lovers,

The King of Pop may be gone (his birthday in 4 days, August 29) but he continues to inspire street artists no end.

Artists various, Thrilling from Beyond the Grave and Beyond, paint on supply house.

This mural appears on the side of an electrical supply store on Hollywood Blvd. I don't have a context shot so you'll just have to get the sense from a bunch of details. I will go from left to right.

Detail: Image #1 - boy with lightbulb and bird

Detail: Name art #1

Detail: Image #2 - The King!  

Detail: Name art #2

Detail: Name art #3

We've got 2 images and three identity marks covering the entire wall of this establishment.  If I could decipher the names, I would, but I can't. So, you'll just have to enjoy them for what they are.

I think the lightbulb being held by the kid in image #1 is a nod to the business within, but that's about as far as it goes.

This is in a very colorful parking lot. the wall of eyes that I posted several weeks back sits just opposite this mural AND there is another one as well -- I'll probably show that one to you next week.

OK kids, gotta pay the rent. We'll see you next week at this time.


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