Thursday, September 29, 2016

iT'S STreeTarT THurSDay iN eaST HoLLyWooD! Thursday, September 29, 2016

Hello East Hollywood Street Art Lovers!

Time for a little home team pride:

Artist "Yore" (?), Supernatural Dodger in the Sky, paint on apartment complex (2016).

OK, this image probably has all kinds of allusions (what appears to be memorial portrait [angel wings, halo]; face looks like a particular person, melted bat, name "Yore"), but I'm afraid I don't get any of them. I DO know that is the L.A. Dodgers logo he's wearing there on the left sleeve.

Immediately to the right of our angel athlete is a stylized portrait of a young woman. The basement-level porthole window has been worked into this portrait's head, giving this woman a cyborg-like vibe. The varied fireworks of the spray-painted lines give this image a punk-festive look. Love the X-ray vertebrae anchoring her firmly to the ground.

Moving right along ever rightward, we have got a wall of classic name-identity art. This is a dynamic wall. I've  been monitoring this wall for a while and this particular portion keeps getting layered upon. There are at least five layers that I've noted since I have begun watching several weeks ago.

This particular wall has four metered parking spaces in front of it. I've been waiting for a day on my morning commute when all parking spaces are clear so that I can get a good photo shot; it's taken MONTHS of waiting. Finally a such day showed up.

This panel has an overall feel of a joyful, a psychedelic whale splashing down North Kingsley Drive. And here we have the last panel:

... more layers of name-identity art. If you're having deja vu--YES you have been here before. This wall has gotten refreshed at least twice since I've been running this blog. (about two years). We had a Grinch lookalike in an icy landscape at one time.

I was curious what the Google picture truck captured when it went by. It went by a few months ago because it has a version of this mural as it was going up, but if you stop and look at the garage, it picks up a view probably years old, before the graffiti artists were given both full reign and free rein.

It had the look of just another Sinclair Paints Navajo White apartment house. See? I'm sure the neighboring property owners liked this street scene much more, but street life must poke through now and then.Good thing for us followers of popular aesthetics.

It's time to pay the rent kids, so I must leave you now. But keep tuning in; if you don't like what you see, wait a bit and something will eventually come along that you love.

Persevere and love one another,

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