Thursday, September 8, 2016

iT'S STreeTarT THurSDay iN eaST HoLLyWooD! - Thursday, September 8, 2016

Dear Street Art Lovers and assorted friends,

We've just come off of a big patriotic holiday so how about a good ol' American eagle today?

Artist unattributed, Guardian of Truth, Justice, and the American Waste, paint on metal dumpster corral doors.

If you're thinking that looks like the lid of trash dumpster just above the wing on the left, you would be right. Here we have a red, white, and blue eagle spreading their wings, protecting the skyline of what I'm going to guess is Los Angeles.

You have to walk down a dead-end alley behind a Methodist church off Sunset Boulevard, right new Kaiser Permanente to find this one. I'm guessing the only folks who get to see this work are custodians, criminals on the run, and street junkies who have found a quiet place to partake of their recently acquired recreational substances.

Sam the eagle seem lonely on this page all by hisself so I'm throwing in a bonus utility box that proudly announces my home turf of East Hollywood. This was probably a local schoolgirl's civic project from a nearby school. Maybe I'm being sexist, but it would not occur to most boy artists I know to create a street mural of cupcakes, pies, and tarts. This mural is quite old surprisingly is free of "hate-on" graffiti (only a couple of writeovers), but the charm of it still shines through.

Thanks for looking in. This blog is still looking for a stride having been cut off from its original scenic content, but have no fear--something will show itself in due time.

The clock on the wall says its time to go kids, so we'll see you back here soon.


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