Tuesday, December 1, 2015

"Urban Arabesque" & Malibu Morning picture of the day - Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Dear Family, Friends, and Gentle Readers,

December has started. Doesn't it look like these clouds are in a race? Zooming off to the right?

And here is a similar, but second look. These wisps of cloudy vapor are all so neatly arranged.


But after all of that serenity, it helps to get some contrast. Let's give a cheer for this little ode to action, movement, and visual agitation...

Artist unattributed, Urban Arabesque, paint on wall.

SO vigorous. SO muscular. And yet, highly ordered and layered. You'll find this beauty if you wander around the Arts District/Warehouse District near Little Tokyo long enough. This was captured when I went on a graffiti art tour earlier this year. I suspect the artist's name is probably in here somewhere, but you or I will never find it.

My, my, look at the time. Time to pay the rent my children.

Have a wonderful Tuesday.


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