Thursday, December 3, 2015

iT'S #STreeTarT THurSDay in #eaSTHoLLyWood! & Malibu pic of the day - Thursday, December 3, 2015

Dear Street Art Lovers,

Sometimes in L.A., it is totally impossible get a picture without interfering obstacles, such as cars parked in your way. But such is the street art aesthetic.

Today I have ventured far to the southeast of Hollywood, some would call it Silverlake or Sunset Junction on Glendale Avenue. I consider it part of my bailiwick--I'm thinking of the neighborhoods that could conceivably require you to historically attend John Marshall High School in Los Feliz.

Artists Fran, Truko, et al., Outer Space Domination, paint on concrete wall.

If you're a reader of this blog, you've seen this guy before. I offered him up as a teaser. Here the remainder of this mural (it appears alongside two incidences of name art which we will take up by themselves in the future).

Here's the attempt to get the whole composition in one shot.

And here we have the collaborators' roster:

I count 16 monikers here. This was quite a project for some. It almost looks like "Blast Ave." is the collective name for the group, but unless you can to talk to authors, it's only a short in the dark.

So ... we've got the rare night-time scene. There's a flying saucer surveying the cityscape. Apparently the two fellows who have landed are OK with our blend of oxygen and level of gravity.

Unfortunately their color is rather like need-to-take-penicillin-snot-green, which is the wrong color to be in L.A. or most American cities if you're going to be an illegal alien. It looks to me like two creatures comprise the "OSD"--both look friendly however, despite their pointed teeth.

This is basically a name-art panel with the name rendered as invading-alien landscape. You wonder how they concocted the slime-green color. Surely that is not an off-the-shelf color for spray paint? But you never know. OSD are probably initials for alias names like "Oxford Scholar Dominatrices," JK ... but not too much. These street artists are pretty clever folk.

Is anybody still here reading this crap? If you are, give up and go get a life. This is just white space filler. And here is the context shot.

There is grafitti are all over this damn area. I need to make it back over here. I did fill up a lot of the camera on this trip out this past summer. It's hard, though because it's very hilly and the sidewalks are all busted up. You may as well be hiking off the trail in Griffith Park for all of the unevenness of the ground.


Throw some clouds and particulate matter into the sky and you get variations of color. I was imagining it would be another deep blue day, but not so.

Kind of cold if yr thinking of dipping your toe in the water, but then the ocean is always cold in So Cal, or so I'm told by all my East Coast friends. I dunno. The water off Florida in St. Pete's was pretty cold to me last January ... buncha homesick Easties ...

Hope you have a wonderful Thursday.


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