Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Malbu morning picture of the day - Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Dear Family, Friends, and Gentle Readers,

It's Wednesday and here's the view on the coast:

Light clouds hovering over the water of the bay. No second look for today, but leaving yesterday gave us a nice scene as well... bands of deep color and silver seas.

It's the American national family holiday tomorrow, Thanksgiving. Hope you have a nice one. Me? I am going to experiment in cooking a pork roast as a possible entree for my church's 2nd annual Christmas Day Lunch. Never done a pork roast before so it's good to test the process and find out where the pitfalls are.

US 101st Airborne Division patch.svg
Probably one of America's
most beloved and revered
 warrior groups;
just imagine if
they were culturally
Image result for redskins
This guy looks like Iron Eyes Cody,
a prominent Italian-American actor
of U.S. PSA commercial fame.
Hey, speaking of Thanksgiving, I decided if I were a Native American guy with a sense of irony, and who opposed the name and mascot of "Redskins" and similar teams, I'd invent myself a fictional sports team called "The 101st Airborne Division" with all the offensive caricature merchandise  I could imagine. I'll have to work on that for Thanksgiving 2016... wait for the press kit (and the lynch mob if I ever gain a respectable following on this blog).

Sorry Street Art Lovers, there will be no Thursday posting--you'll just have to wait. Going Black Friday shopping? Not me! All my Xmas shopping is done. I'm giving Xmas ornaments this year with a monkey-primate theme in honor of the upcoming Year of the Monkey. I did not realize how many designers make monkey Christmas decorations--it's more popular than you would think.

Have a great, nice, long weekend off (those of you who do not work in retail ...).


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