Thursday, November 19, 2015

iT'S STreeT arT THurSDay SoMeWhere iN LA! with Malibu AM pic of the day - Thursday, November 19, 2015

Dear Street Art Lovers,

Today I am straying from showcasing my immediate neighborhood of East Hollywood because after looking over my inventory, my eye just kept coming back to this mural which is one of my favorites.

Artist "Genetic Wind Songs," Sunny Cornfield of American Dreams, paint on tax office.

Looks to me like the Corn God needs to pay a visit
to the Coffee God... perk up Buddy!
This was shot while I was out and about this past summer down in the Pico area. Ya gotta love a love a mural that celebrates the Corn God, Albert Einstein and the Atomic Age, Martin Luther King, cala lilies, perhaps Cesar Chavez, and an Asian field hand working in a Rockwell Kent agrarian landscape--all under a blazing sun. Whew! This is just so bright and hopeful. It does my old cynical heart good to look on it in these fierce and awful times we are living through.

I can just imagine the conversation with the artist and commissioner: "So what would you like me to paint?" "Oh, I don't know ... how about Albert Einstein?" "Who?" "But I like corn a lot too. Let's get a cornfield in." OK, one cornfield. Anything else?" "I like MLK too. How about him? ..."

I'm thinking the Corn God in green above is looking a little bored, don't you? The artist who painted this had an overhang on the facade, so he just kept going. If you get up under it you will see this blue face looking down at you.

As I stand back and look at this work, I'd have to say that this artist, at least for this piece, is very much a disciple of Diego Rivera. If it were just a little more stylized and if the he/she had a better control of the drawing, this could look like the kind of thing you'd find on a government building in a western state.

But we who love street art love the roughness and the unschooled intensity of imagery of this craft--to say nothing of the unlikely combinations of subject matter.

Here's the context shot:

Would you go to this tax guy? Not me. I'd go to myself. You should too... but I digress.


Ah, November is shaping up to be one of the prettiest months for blue this year! I never think that way about it. Some haze on the horizon, but when I pulled up in the parking lot, I could distinctly see the silhouettes of Saddleback and other mountains, as well as the low-lying skyline of Marina Del Rey.

Have a wonderful Thursday people!


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