Thursday, July 16, 2015

iT'S STreeT arT THurSDay! reJoiCe! -- Thursday, July 16, 2015

Dear Street Art Lovers,

Sorry I missed our appointment last week, but I was one sick puppy (as you saw). Still not over it, but I'm allowed to rest now...

Artist, DETN8, Blue and Gold Word Percussion, paint on brick.

Well, we pick it back up near the Sapp Coffee House in Thai Town. As I said last time there are three large sections, so we'll pick up #2. This portion is an amazing study in visual percussion of name and word art all colliding with another, with this trio of computers descending into the madness from the upper right. Especially effective are the balls of white light, going off like so many flashbulbs at an evening sporting event--you actually believe it's light and just an application of white paint.

In the first detail here  (above), here is a close up of what we lost in shadow due to the autocorrection of color and light by my camera.

This 2nd detail I've forgotten where it sits in relation to the above, but it's definitely part of this grouping.

Here we have a very bored looking CRT and control panel coming down to investigate amid a plethora of bubbles. He has two expressionless minions it appears.

A closer look at some of the name art. And here we have the endcap on the right.

I've spent a loooong time trying to decipher the letters, but I have given up. I just enjoy it for being as intricate as any Celtic knot design.

And then another pull-back total look as much is possible to get the context.

You can see that the party has continued on the sidewalk a well. Normally the city does allow sidewalk fiti to stay around, but this has persisted for some time.

You are not getting a Malibu picture because I'm staying home in bed, hopefully finally to get well. We will get two more parts of this art party near Sapp. The reason for a 4th install is that in the time that I shot these and now, the character art of "Mr. Grinch" and "Ratso" has been overpainted by something else.  Haven't found a a good time to reshoot, but I definitely will.

Until then, be well and and enjoy the color that is around you before you go seeking out something new.


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