Thursday, June 11, 2015

iT'S STreeT arT THurSDay! and Malibu morning picture - Thursday, fullJune 11, 2015

Hello Street Art Loves, and Family, and Friends, and Anyone Else Who is Happening by,

I dunno about you but I feel like fish today.

Artists: Skram, Greyp Enemy, Beverly Pond, (left panel) paint on concrete. 

Today's offering comes from Beverly Blvd., just east of Western Avenue, north side, near Kingsley as I recall. Many of you have probably visited Melrose Avenue to shop the chi-chi clothing boutiques along the way and to people watch.

detail, right panel
This stretch of Beverly between Normandie and Van Ness is pretty much the anti-Melrose, sleepy, unsexy petit bourgeoisie like shipping companies, ambulance headquarters, import-export offices, fulfillment houses, smog testers, I think I spotted what I th
ink is a dim sum commissary business just walking around (a place just making dumplings galore but no attached restaurant, probably sending them out to the neighboring eateries to put on the finishing steam...). Man, the things you see when you get around on your feet.

The koi above reminds me very much of Japanese fish paintings which use this exact pose for their subjects.

To the left we have a colorful frog, a dragonfly, two amorphous red blossoms, and two very curious paper-airplane-snowflake-like structures above the frog.

One is tempted to think this is an underwater view since the entire background is blue, but no, you're looking down onto the surface of the "pond," which is why you see the fish in that viewpoint, and the frog is causing a ripple on the surface. And of course, dragonflies don't go underwater (but they could in an imaginary mural universe--let's not discount that). All the bubbles and suspended bio-material in the water make the right panel (frog) look like it's in outer space.

This is the side of a small storefront building. I sure would like to see what this artist would come up with if you gave him/her the side a of a warehouse and a bigger paint budget. Compositionally, however, this is quite complete. The C formed by the koi and the arrows of the snowflakes, frog head,  and blossoms, keep returning the eye back to each subject.

full view

There's a maker's mark up in the right corner, but it looks like an alternate spelling of enemy "NMEE."

Image result for wyland muralThe aquatic world is standard territory for muralists (think Wyland). But who needs to drive to Long Beach or San Diego, when us po' people on Beverly can enjoy this everyday?


Serial # JG15-08 (11)

Another June Gloom Forenoon. It was lightly raining today, but nothing measurable. Drought teasers is all.

Time to pay the rent. Have a great Thursday everyone.


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