Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Malibu morning picture of the day - Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Dear Family, Friends, and Gentle Readers,

It's Wednesday and here is your picture. Totally blue on blue today.

2nd look: pretty much the same ...
(Catalina's on the left)
The Santa Ana Winds are blowing, that's why it's so clear. When you driver a convertible and you drive it only with the top down as I do, except in the most inclement of weather, you become aware of where the winds vent and hit you as they blow out of the canyons.

Two major vents that you can really feel are at the stoplight of Webb Way and PCH, and in Westwood on Wilshire Boulevard at Westwood Boulevard, but it's even stronger at Glendon. There are also places where you will always drive into a mass of cooler or hotter air, or into the sound of a crowd of crickets or frogs at just the right time of evening. Bicyclists and motorcyclists know this so well.

And another shot of "The Xmas That Will Not Die":

Taken today. This is an apartment building near my house. I walk past it on the way to and from the Red Line subway.

There is so much to be said about this photo.

If you were a kid who grew up in an apartment, you learned early about the concept of liberal interpretation of canon scriptures.

Did you grow up around one of these? I did.
Poor insulation and drafty walls is what kept
you from dying of CO poisoning.
Apartments don't have fireplaces, but Santa is supposed to come down a chimney. So parents who live in apartments have to employ workaround interpretations of how Santa gets into an apartment and leaves toys on Christmas Eve, because Santa is NOT a literalist. You leave the door unlocked (or at least one of the three locks on your apartment door if you live in a rough neighborhood) unlocked. Or you explain that it's the air-exchange vent concept that Santa works with because he either vaporizes or molecularly deconstructs and transports through air passages.

This is why these two stockings are hung by the A/C, or alternatively, the vent that takes the poisonous CO gases outside emitted by the legal space heater or dryer (see on the left). Apartment kids therefore get early lessons in the subject of hermaneutics--transferring the conceptual core of a teaching of an ancient people into something correspondent in the present. Hanging stockings next to the dryer is the PERFECT hemaneutic application since washed hosiery set to dry by the fire is where the historical St. Nikolas effected his philanthropy.
Ah duct tape ..., the true artistic and creative medium
of the masses!

This family probably forgot they "hung" those stockings (held up by duct tape formed into a tube shape) because they're hanging behind the makeshift curtains of a bed sheet put up for modesty (probably also put up with duct tape). They probably don't see the shadow of the stockings inside because they probably work long hours with long public transit commutes--so I predict I'll be enjoying looking at their stockings from the street for a while.

The stucco and paint are relatively fresh because this apartment house was earthquake retrofitted a few years ago, but it's a saggy building as you can see the windows slanting up to the right.
Photo of a religious icon representing Saint Nicholas.
Saint Nick, who gave dowry money
to poor families so that their daughters could
 marry and avoid careers in the world's oldest
profession--a guy you CAN believe in

What does all of this mean? Who the hell knows? BUT ... I suspect if you grew up in a house, you probably have a greater propensity to either fundamentalism because the Santa myth could be fully articulated, or you're an atheist, because at some point, the curtain had to pulled aside to expose your parent's lies to you about good, evil, reward, fairness, and abundance.

Sorry, should have given you a spoiler alert ... and here you thought Santa stopped coming to you because you were "bad" because you became sexually active at 13 ... However if you were an apartment kid, you have a greater propensity to liberal interpretation and broad application of deeper truth in practical ways.

That'll have to do for today.


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