Thursday, January 15, 2015

Malibu morning picture of the day - iT'S STReeT arT THurSDay! - "3 Faces of Hollywood-Western" Thursday, January 15, 2015

Dear Family, Friends, and Gentle Readers,

January is half gone people! Howz the exercise regimen goin'? (or whatever behavioral resolution you started...)

 Keep it up. Experts say if you keep it goin' two more weeks, it 'll become an ingrained habit and you'll keep on keepin' on! Do it!

Artist "#136723, Untitled presumed self-portrait, paint on brick.

Today, the Hell's Edge Museum of Street Art of East Hollywood is happy to present three faces that the curator found on his way to the freeway this AM, along Hollywood Blvd., west of Western.

The human face is probably the most popular subject of any artist, no matter what medium. It's what is human after all. The above portrait is situated smack in the middle of typographic-graffiti type mural (which I'll share on a later date) so it's most like the artist's humorous, self-deprecating view of himself as not even a bird-brain, but with a mind like an empty birdhouse.

Artist "rli" per mark to the right, Untitled  face, paint on brick.

There is more to this mural below, but today we are just giving you three faces. This is painted on a narrow outcropping of the facade of a building so you see this driving westbound, but not eastbound. The business inside is the Know Where bar. The gent whose likeness is rendered as if made of smoke, has a very 70s look to me--I think it's the mustache (we ALL wore them back then, the bigger the better...).

Artist unattributed, Untitled clown face, paint on brick.

You will never see this face unless you go to Mel Pearce Cameras on the Boulevard and park in back in the parking lot. This is painted on the wall in that shop's neighbor's work area in back. The clown looks surprised and fearful that I managed to find him/her. Two things I like in this one: the Cubist treatment of the mouth (profile imposed on full-face pose) and the fact that the nose looks like an erect penis (c'mon, confess, it's NOT just me ...). I wanted to move  the tarp away, but it seems like a trespass, so I did not crop it out  to give the sense that there's more.

Life is full of surprises and serendipity if you keep your eyes open (and are willing to walk into dingy, tagged areas).

Oh, and here's the Malibu picture of the day:

Blue on blue again, just like yesterday. I left in the jet up top leaving his steam trail so that there's at least SOME difference.

Hope you're having a great Thursday. There will be no Malibu picture tomorrow. Gotta go to a tax seminar in Burbank (ugh). So have a great weekend.


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