Friday, October 24, 2014

Malibu morning picture of the day - Friday, October 24, 2014

A happy Friday to you all. Here is your picture:

There has been a pattern these last three days, blue sky with the accumulated band of orange smog inversion waiting off the coast waiting to be pumped back into the basin as the temperature rises.

As I take these pictures day after day, I keep thinking that a typical morning seashore sky (blue stripe, white stripe, orange stripe) should be some nation's flag, but it isn't. The only ones that come close are Haiti and Liechtenstein (pictured below respectively).

Flag of Liechtenstein.svg

If you think of blue sky above and blue sea below with reddish band, North Korea weighs in pretty close too.

Flag of North Korea.svg

I guess the hangup is orange. Several countries have orange in their flag so it's not like nobody likes it--but it is the complementary color to blue and together to two will always vibrate against one another, so maybe that's it?

And of course, my employer displays its colors of blue and orange on its flag. They make the sky orange and the waves blue and white. So, another dud here.

So folks, this territory is wide open ...

Imagine your own private nation here!

Me? I kinda tend toward libertarianism and anarchy, so I'm not likely to start a country anytime soon (although my fictional Dog Island comes close to what I would have in mind if I did start a country--that is, The Outside/The Center portion, and not The Empire portion--I could never abide all those Monarchist princesses running around... ).

Well, if you're going to get into the business of nation-building, you better get started. Maybe you'll do better than Uncle Sam? As for me, I'm getting ready to start the weekend. Have a good one.


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